Task 2 Essay Sample: Sports

Nowadays, young people admire sports stars although they often do not set a good example. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in youngsters who look up to sports stars as role-models although not many famous athletes could have good personal qualities. In my opinion, this trend could bring/result in both negative and positive sides. On the one hand, young people’s admiration has two main benefits.

Firstly, the lessons of overcoming difficulties and obstacles behind the success of renowned sportspeople could inspire adolescents to have a sense of achievement. It is common that in order to become successful, an athlete has undergone various intensive training programs as well as conquer the feeling of failure. Thus, youngsters would have more motivation to pursue their dream when they idolize a determined and hard-working sports star.

Secondly, loving a sportsperson could encourage students to make use of their free time to do exercise or play sports, which is beneficial for their physical well-being. On the other hand, the adoration of youngsters towards sports players might bring some adverse impacts. In fact, most adolescents are extremely impulsive so they could follow bad behaviours of their idols without considering whether they are right or wrong. For instance, big fans and descendants of Lance Armstrong, who is a well-known cycling athlete, may mimic his action of taking performanceenhancing drugs while participating in competitions to win at all costs.

In addition to this, sports stars often earn a huge amount of/a great deal of money so they tend to immerse themselves in materialistic lifestyle with parties and nightclubs rather than attending charitable activities, which could create the detrimental influence on the personality of their admirers who are at age of puberty. Thus, in order to form youngsters’ good personalities, the parents should educate them to follow only the good virtues of their idols.

In conclusion, idolizing famous athletes could bring both positive and negative influences on young people. Therefore, the adolescents need to be taught about what they should and should not learn from their idols.

People try new dangerous sports such as sky-diving or rock climbing. Should such sports be banned?

When it comes to playing sports, many people opt for/ people choose to play extreme sports such as sky-diving or rock climbing. As these activities contain great risks, there is a raising question of whether they should be prohibited. In my opinion, extreme sports athletes should be able to decide for themselves without the interference of authoritative figures.

People are drawn to taking up dangerous sports based on two main reasons. One of them is the feeling of overcoming their fear and the pleasures that extreme sports bring. For example, if one is afraid of height, sky-diving could be a great opportunity for one to challenge oneself and conquer his fear, while enjoying the picturesque landscape from above. Additionally, there are certain people who participate in risky sports, so as to feel the adrenaline rushing in their bodies, establishing a sense of self-fulfillment. Furthermore, these sports have become increasingly popular, as they are not only physically demanding and bound to put people in good shape, but also enable people to approach a vigorous lifestyle in a more exciting manner. Those who aim to get fit without the dread of working out solely in a boring gym choose extreme sports to enhance their training experience. For instance, rock climbing allows one to strengthen his upper-body strength and enjoy the beauty of nature at the same time, hitting two birds with one stone.

On the other hand, such sports hold many risks for those who take them up, raising concern from society. These athletes could injure themselves because of not strictly following the rules of the sport or merely by accident. Regardless of the reasons, I reckon they are fully aware of the possibilities of hurting themselves before deciding to practice extreme sports and should be responsible for their own choice.

On the whole, I strongly believe that preventing people from enjoying the benefits of dangerous sports due to the risks of getting injured is unjustifiable. People ought to be free to choose whether they should get involved in extreme sports.

In many parts of the world, there is continuous coverage of sport on television. Some people believe this discourages the young from taking part in any sport themselves. Discuss this view and give your own opinion.

Due to the advance of information technology nowadays, round-the-clock transmission of sports events increasingly goes vital on television. However, this phenomenon has triggered a heated debate as to whether it would handicap children’s interest in participating in sports. This essay will analyze the effects of sports broadcasting on children followed by personal opinion that not sports coverage but TV products generally affect children’s enthusiasm toward physical activities.

By and large, sports programmes, indeed, play an important role in motivating teenagers to take part in athletics. When a sporting event is broadcasted, teenagers could see their role model performing extra-ordinary skills on a match and therefore, it is understandable that they will be urgent to emulate these techniques in a real game. In addition, thanks to the introduction of new diverse kinds of sport through media, children could familiarise themselves with many exotic outdoor activities. For example, free-style football first appeared in western countries and has been imported in Vietnam recently. As a result, a large number of people jump on this bandwagon and this sport has attracted a large number of teenagers.

However, the reason why many people hold firmly the belief of the disadvantage of sports coverage is that they do not discriminate the influence of sports programmes and TV products in general. Today, not only do TV producers provide audiences with sports transmission but they also produce many sorts of programmes such as music, films in order to satisfy viewers’ needs. Consequently, many children will choose in preference of watching television rather than engage in sports. The decline in the number of sports participants come as no surprise because not all teenagers are passionate about sports.

In conclusion, it appears to me that generally, TV products themselves curb children’s interest in doing outdoor activities while sport promotes sports spirit in the young generation.

It is right that top sports people should be paid a lot of money. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The question whether (or not) investors should pay high salaries for top athletes has recently drawn much public attention. From my perspective, I support that it is legitimate to pay less money for these people.

Such telephone figure salaries earned by sports stars could be a wonderful resource of finance for satisfying human basic needs. Firstly, such expenditure is more reasonable to be spent on social welfare schemes to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds. For example, In China, footballers are paid with a huge amount of money. If this amount is subsidized to eradicate hunger and alleviate poverty, it can eliminate domestic famine and contagion from its root. Secondly, if investors use this expenditure on scientific researches, it could generate huge benefits for the survival of humans.

Advocates of the idea that sports stars play an integral role in our society may believe some celebrities in sports sector exert strong positive influences on the behavioural patterns of young generations. However, the reverence for celebrities may trigger/provoke arguments among fans, which causes some arguments, which causes irritation for the locals and challenges for authorities to maintain social security. For a prime example, the arguments between the fans of Messi and Ronaldo, two of the most notorious footballers of all time, in which they often use swear words can even be the culprit of some heinous crimes.

In conclusion, while some people believe sports stars deserve to get high salaries due to their pivotal role to the young generations in this era, I strongly oppose this idea because of the aforementioned reasons.


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