The Formal Way of Giving Opinion

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When speaking or writing we need to choose a language that shows a clear position or indicate our feelings, attitudes, judgements and beliefs. We may choose any of the given way:-

1. Pronouns

In formal writing, first person pronoun is not very common. Compare the two given sentences and decide which is more better.
It is better for parents to educate their children at home.
It is better for all of us to educate our children at home.

2. Adverbs

Adverbs/adverbial phrases are generally used to show our feelings or attitudes.
Frankly, speaking I’d get bored doing same thing all the day.
In general, I donot think it is a good idea to neglect the media.

3. Verbs

To show our opinion or feelings we use verbs such as think, suppose, believe, feel, guess e.t.c.
School seems to be overcrowded and less funded nowadays.

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