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How to answer how can people find about something?

IELTS speaking is very popular for asking you questions where you have to give sources were you can find certain things. Although there is no such rule that best describes the way of answering this IELTS speaking questions, it is always better for you to know some language tips on How to answer how can people find about something.

When IELTS examiner asks you such question they really have no interest on the content of your answer but construct. They just want to know weather you can use right grammatical structure.

First let’s see some questions under this category

» How can people find about arts in your country?
» What are the ways of advertisements in your country

Remember this formula

When the examiner asks you How to answer how can people find about something type questions, you must:

  1. Give a list of media sources
  2. Make a use of positive or negative expression
  3. Use some adjectives of feeling

Step: 1

How to answer how can people find about something?

Start by mentioning the media sources where something particular is found many.

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When we talk about media, we are really talking about means of communication in general.This can be anything from mass media-like newspapers, television and radio-to local information, events, news and advertisements.
Here’s a list of examples:

  • newsstands
  • newspapers
  • advertisements
  • features (informative/ interestingarticles)
  • magazines (in physical form /online)
  • blogs (online)
  • restaurant/bar listings
  • reviews (of restaurants/bars/events)
  • events listings (of current events)
  • current affairs

Step: 2

How to answer how can people find about something?

Following the sources of information, expand your answer by mentioning some information expressions along with the answer of why, how, where…

  • How
    • to surf the Internet
      • I usually surf the Internet while drinking my morning coffee.
    • to browse through magazines/newspapers /websites
      • I’ve seen a lot of old people in parks, browsing through newspapers on warm sunny mornings.
    • to watch the news reports
      • My grandfather always watches the evening news reports.
    • to find out by word of mouth
      • I don’t read, watch or listen to the news much, but I find out a lot from my friends by word of mouth.
  • Why
    • to keep track of
      • I believe it’s good to kgep tracliof what’s going on in other countries.
    • to keep one’s finger on the pulse
      • I don’t like to be ignorant about world news. I kgep my finger on the pulse.
    • to stay informed about
      • Online news is a good way to stay informed about what’s happening in the world,
    • to stay abreast of
      • I am too lazy. I don’t really care about staying abreast of current affairs.
    • to stay up to date with
      • I am not interested in current affairs. I like to stay up to date with the sports news though.
    • to stay on top of what’s going on
      • Taxi drivers often listen to the radio to stay on top of what’s going on.

Step: 3

How to answer how can people find about something?

Usually, after you talk about the ways in which you can find information, tell the examiner how much you trust or mistrust that information.

EXAMPLE:- Though some bloggers aren’t very objective, their opinions are interesting to
read, and usually offer a different viewpoint to what I read in the mass media.

Here’s a list of useful words:

to express trust

  • It’s a very objective source of information.
  • It’s quite unbiased,so I generally believe what I see on that news channel.
  • I believe that the information presented there is impartial.
  • I trust that newspaper because it is very well respected.

to express doubt or slight mistrust

  • I don’t like Internet news, I think it can be very biased.
  • It’s considerably one-sided in its approach to discussing international affairs.
  • It’s an untrustworthy publication.
  • I find the news channel a little unreliable to be honest.

To conclude How to answer how can people find about something:-

Step 1: List one or media items or source to find the something
Step 2: Expand your answer by saying why and how
Step 3: Tell about amount of authenticity