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How to answer how important is something?

IELTS speaking is very popular for asking you questions where you have to express the degree of importance of certain things. Although there is no such rule that best describes the way of answering this IELTS speaking questions, it is always better for you to know some language tips on How to answer how important is something?

When IELTS examiner asks you such question they really have no interest on the content of your answer but construct. They just want to know weather you can use right grammatical structure.

First let’s see some questions under this category

» How important is art in life?
» How important is music for people in your country?
» How important is physical exercise?

Remember this formula

When the examiner asks you how important is something type questions, you must:

  1. State the degree of importance
  2. Make a use of positive or negative expression
  3. Use some adjectives of feeling

Step: 1

How to Answer how important is something?

Obviously, the first thing you need to tell the examiner for this type of question is the degree of importance of something. Don’t just say that something is important instead something is especially important…

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Example:- I think art is exceedingly important in life…

Look at the following ways to express different degrees of importance:

  1. Moderately important

Art is fairly important in life.
To some extent art is important.
Art is important to a point, but…

  1. Very important

Mathematics is considerably important.
Learning to swim is incredibly important.
Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is very important.
I think that art is very important in life.
I don’t think art is terribly important for young people.
Art is especially/particularly important in today’s society.

Note: With especially important and particularly important, we can use for or in in the following ways:

  • for + groups/types of people
    • Art is especially important for children.
  • in + society /place /country
    • A good education is particularly important in modem society.
  1. Unimportant

Following fashion is not important at all.
Having a camera on mobile phone is completely unimportant.

Step: 2

How to answer how important is something?

After stating whether something is important or not, say what it is important for, what it is good for or what it is useful for.

Example:- I believe that some types of music are good for helping people calm down and
and other types are excellent for energizing people.
You may use these grammar structure:-

  1. X + is + important for /excellent for /good for + verb-ing

Gardening is important for helping people relax.
Working out in a gym is important for keeping fit.
Having massages is good for helping people calm down.
Drinking hot milk is excellent for solving sleep problems.

  1. X + is + a good way to + verb

Listening to music is a good way to help people calm down after a stressful day.
Doing physical exercise is a good way to keep fit and healthy and happy.
Swimming is an excellent way to release a lot of energy and maintain a good figure.

  1. X + helps us /helps people /can help us + (to) verb

Spending weekends out in the countryside helps us (to) wind down.
Taking part in team quizzes can help people sharpen their minds.
Lifting weights can help us develop strong muscles.

Step: 3

How to answer how important is something?

Now as your next step extend your answer with just one or two adjectives of positive or negative feeling to explain why you think X is important or not. Let’s see this example:

Going to live concerts,for,example, can, be really stimulating experience.

Following expressions of felling may come handy:-

  • inspiring
  • creative
  • beneficial
  • philosophical
  • enriching
  • educational
  • expressive
  • pretentious
  • tedious
  • frivolous

Here are some examples in context
adjectives of positive feeling
Art is so inspiring.
Visiting art galleries is very enriching.
Learning to play musical instruments is educational and creative.
Painting and drawing can teach children to be more expressive.

adjectives of negative feeling
Most art is also very pretentious.
I think history is a tedious subject.
Learning about modern art in school is frivolous and unnecessary.
For me, drama is a pathetic activity that is incredibly wasteful of school time.

To conclude how to answer how important is something:-

Step 1: State the degree of importance
Step 2: Make a use of positive or negative expression
Step 3: Use some adjectives of feeling