iii. Intensive Reading(Reading for Detail)

What is reading intensively for detail?

Reading intensively for detail is a skill that requires you to understand details or detailed information. It is different to skimming and scanning because you need to read more slowly in order to understand the details. To locate these details, however, you first need to skim and scan.

Remember, skimming is used to get an overview of a paragraph or passage so you can understand the main idea, while scanning is used to locate words, phrases or specific information quickly. However, to read intensively for detail you need to understand whole sentences and ideas.

The Process: Reading intensively for detail

First, follow Step 1 and 2 of the process for scanning for specific information. You do this to locate where the specific information is likely to be found in the passage. Once you have located the specific information, you can then move on to Step 3 of the process. The steps to follow are:

Step 1Identify the key words in the question. These words indicate what you need to scan for.Underline them.Keep them in your mind.
Step 2Scan the passage for the key words (or words with similar meaning) from the question.When you locate these key words (or words with similar meaning) in the passage, circle them.You have now located where the answer should be.
Step 3Read slowly in order to understand the detail and to answer the question.The answer could be in the same sentence, the sentence before or the sentence after, so you need to read carefully to locate it.

When do you read intensively for detail?

You need to read intensively for detail in order to answer almost all question types in the IELTS Reading test: all Specific Information questions , Summary Completion questions and Viewpoint questions ). The process is the same for each of these question types.