Labelling a Diagram

In this question type, you will see a diagram in the Question Booklet. The diagram could be:

  • a man-made object such as a computer
  • a natural object such as a tree
  • a map of a building or a city
  • a graph or chart.

The instructions will tell you:

  • to label the diagram
  • how many words you should write.

Usually, some parts of the diagram are already labelled; these help you to understand the whole diagram. However, other parts of the diagram are missing a label – these parts each have a number. These are the questions you need to complete by writing a name (a label) for each number. Let’s look at an example.

Question 38-40Label the diagram using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

From the instructions we can see that:

  • there are three questions (Questions 38, 39 and 40)
  • the word limit for each answer is three words
  • each question is connected by a line or arrow to its corresponding part on the diagram
  • some parts of the diagram are already labelled (e.g., ‘overalls’ and ‘ear muffs’).

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