Note/Form/Table/Chart Completion Questions

Note/Form/Table/Chart Completionin the IELTS listening test are often more difficult than they should be.  This is how they might appear:

Below is my step by step guide on how to do IELTS Note/Form/Table/Chart Completion listening questions:

1.Read all of the question instructions carefully paying attention to any word limit given.

2.Take a moment to understand the rest of the note/form.

3.Think about synonyms for words on the form.

4.Use the information given to predict the types of answers you should be listening for.

5.Listen carefully and fill in the missing information.

6.Guess if you need to and then move on.

Tips and Tricks

Usually these types of questions require you to write in facts and figures such as times and dates.

As you should know what type of information you are listening for you should be ready for when you do hear it.

You will often hear more than one piece of information that could fit the gap though, so do not just write in the first time or date that you hear.

Sometimes the speaker will correct their own answer meaning that the first response they gave was incorrect. For example: ‘The bus leaves at 6.30 pm. Oh wait a minute, no it doesn’t it leaves at 6.40 pm.’ So, watch out for this trick!