Task Achievement: Purpose

Depending on what the task instruction is, you then need to decide whether to write a letter of complain, request, apologize, invitation, suggestion or explanation.

Activity 4.1: Decide the purpose of this letter.

You and your family have just rented an apartment and one or two problems occurred.
Write a letter to the landlord.
Describe the problems and tell him what you want him to do.

Yes you are right. This is a letter of complain and suggestion combined.

Examiners will be looking for the purpose of the letter in your first body paragraph. Let’s take this band 9 scored essay. Can you find the purpose of the letter?

Dear Mr Smith,

I am writing regarding the amount of noise coming from the new canteen which has just opened near my University residence. Although I am pleased that we have this facility, the restaurant remains open up to midnight each night, and as a result there is considerable talking, shouting and the sound of motorbikes continuing until about 12.30 each night.