Task Achievement: Style and Tone

Before you start your task, ask yourself these four questions(RSI):-

Who is the recipient(R)?

  • Is the imaginary recipient of this a letter a person you know personally, or someone you don’t know?
  • Is this person a friend, a stranger or a professional contact?

Which style(S) should I be Using?

  • Should it be in a personal or formal style?
  • Because of the style, how should you complete the ‘Dear ——-’ part?

Which content Idea(I) should I use?

  • Why are you writing the letter?
  • Which combination of the four possible content ideas is it asking you to create (complaining, requesting, explaining/ apologizing, suggesting)?

Hey! wait do you know?


This is one of the careful consideration that you will be making when writing letter. The type of recipient determines the type of your style.

Types of recipient and your style of writing:-

  1. Friend or Family →Personal style
  2. Total Stranger → Formal style
  3. Semi- Stranger(you know the person but not personally) → Formal/Semi-formal Style

Now, you may be wondering about these styles. They are no brainy too. You just need to carefully choose some phrases and words in your letter to show the style you have opted.

Let’s play this exercise and you will be crystal clear what I mean about style.

Activity 4.2: Choose the letter from the box for each sentence below.


Which style should I be using?

  1. I’m writing to complain about my treatment at AMC store.
  2. I want to thank my guide for helping me to score high.
  3. I need to invite my friend for a party?