Use of Academic Phrases

A further way of achieving cohesion and coherence in your Task 2 essay is the use of academic phrases. An academic phrase is a group of words that is used to draw the reader’s attention to your ideas making your arguments and ideas clear.

Academic phrases are used to:

Give your opinion
I think I feel I believe I am of the opinion that It is my belief that It seems advisable that (more formal) It would appear thatsmoking should be banned in all restaurants.
Show to what extent you agree/disagree with a statement
I firmly agree/disagree I partially agree/disagree I totally agree/disagreethat smoking should be banned in all restaurants.
Give the opposite side of an argument
However, I would argue To counter this, I would saythat everyone should be allowed to make their own decision.
Give the opinion of others
Some people say Many people would arguethat smoking in restaurants affects non-smokers as much as smokers.
Give a solution to a problem
I would recommend A good solution would bethat all restaurants have a special smoking area.
Show the cause followed by the effect
Smokingcauses is the cause of results in is the reason forcancer.
Show the effect followed by the cause
Canceris caused by is due to is the result of is the consequence ofsmoking.
Make a prediction
I feel confident I am certain I am surethat restaurants will be force