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Traditional Celebration in Your Country and Invite a Friend from an English-speaking Country

» You should spend 20 minutes on this task.

There will be a traditional celebration in your country and you want to invite your friend from an English-speaking country. Write him/her a letter and
invite your friend,
– explain what happens at the party,
– describe the tradition and why it’s important in your country,
– say why it is important for your friend to be there.

» Write at least 150 words.

It is always suggested for you to pre-calculate a few things before you start writing your letter. Don’t worry, it should not take you more than two or three minutes. So, what are these fields that needs your concentration?

  1. Recipient
  2. Style and
  3. Content

Here, the recipient is your friend, and for a friend we use personal style of writing. The content commands us to invite(request) and explain. Hence, your writing needs a language of requesting and explaining.

Dear Shivank,

Tips for letter writing
In a personal letter, be specific, begin with ‘Dear’ + ‘Name’ Never write their both name: first name + surname, or ‘Dear friend.’

Hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to invite you for a together celebration of our traditional festival Dashain this year.

If you remember, while we were studying together last year, you promised to visit me in my homeland, it cannot be more fun and exciting to visit Neapl in Dashain than in other festivals. This is the only festival of this country that stretches itself to ten days, each with its own purpose. It falls in the month of October or November. It is celebrated to commemorate the establishment of truth and peace against evil.

Preparation begins days ahead, whitewashing our homes and buying new clothes to wear on that day, gathering the special food items to cook, and many more. On the very day of Dashian, we put tika on our forehead, an item made by mixing red colour, yogurt and as blessings from elder.

Dashain is a festival of gathering where our closest come together and celebrate. But ever since I finished my course at BWC University and came back home, I have missed you in my every celebration. Moreover, this visit will help you to understand our culture and people and it can be another exciting vlog for your website that you maintain regularly.

I cannot wait to see you then.

Yours lovingly,

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