Vocabulary for IELTS Writing Task 1: Lexical Resource

A lexical resource (Vocabulary in IELTS Writing Task 1) is your ability to use a wide range of vocabulary correctly (without errors) and appropriately (in the proper context) in your written responses. The goal here is to have good enough vocabulary to properly paraphrase the information you see in the IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 prompt. It should go without saying that studying vocabulary regularly will help you improve most in this area.

vocabulary for ielts writing task 1

Vocabulary (Lexical Resource) in IELTS writing task 1 completely depends upon these factors:-

» Use correct synonyms in your writing.
» Use a range of vocabulary and collocations
» Do not repeat words and phrases from the exam question unless there is no alternative.
» Use some less common vocabulary.
» Do not use the same word more than once/twice.
» Use precise and accurate words in a sentence.

Lexical resource carries 25% of your writing marks and to prove that you should get used to some of the very obvious verbs and nouns. Let’s find some of the better vocabulary to use in the IELTS writing task 1.

Unique Vocabulary to say show while writing the introduction

  • depicts
  • enumerates
  • delineates
  • outlines
  • compares and contrasts
  • gives information on/ presents information about

Unique Vocabulary to say show while writing the body of IELTS task 1

Vocabulary to say increase:-

Verb Form Noun Form
e.g. the figure rises from ……. to ….. e.g. the graph experiences/ sees a rise from ….to…
rise, go up, uplift, rocket(ed), climb, upsurge, soar, shot up, improve, jump, leap, move upward, skyrocketa rise, an increase, an upward trend, a growth, a leap, a jump, an improvement, a climb.

Vocabulary to say decrease for IELTS writing :-

Verb FormNoun Form
fall, decrease, decline, plummet, plunge, drop, reduce, collapse, dip, dive, go down, sluma fall, a decrease, a reduction, a downward trend, a  downward tendency, a decline, a drop, a downfall.

Vocabulary to show Stability:-

Verb FormNoun Form
level(ed) off remain(ed) constant remain(ed) stable prevail(ed) consistency plateaued reach(ed) a plateau stay(ed) uniform level(ed) out stabilizedNo Change a flat a plateau a consistency

Vocabulary to represent fluctuation for writing IELTS graphs:-

Type of ChangeVerb formNoun form
 ups and downs   wave fluctuate oscillatefluctuations oscillations vacillations

Vocabulary to show the nature of change :-

Type of ChangeAdverb for the verb form  
e.g. the graph rises dramatically from … to…
Adjective for adverb form  
e.g. the graph sees a dramatic rise from … to
Rapid change   dramatically, rapidly, sharply, quickly, swiftly, significantly, considerably, substantiallydramatic, rapid, sharp, quick, swift, significant, considerable, substantial
Moderate change   moderately, gradually, progressively, sequentially.moderate, gradual, progressive, sequential.
Slight change   slightly, slowly, mildly, marginallyslight,  slow, mild, marginal
ups and downs   erratically, sporadically, irregularlyerratic, sporadic, irregular

Vocabulary to represent highest and lowest points, writing IELTS graphs :-

Highest Point   peaked, climaxed, reach the peak, touch the highest point, reach the vertex/apexthe highest point, an (/the) apex (/the) summit, a (/the) pinnacle a (/the) acme
Lowest Point   touch the lowest point, get the lowest pointthe lowest point, nadir, the all-time low, the lowest, level/ the bottom

Other important vocabularies for IELTS writing task 1

Vocabularies for numbers:-

In terms of a fractionIn terms of percentageIn terms of proportion
A tiny fraction-(2), Almost a quarter-(24), Exactly a quarter-(25), Roughly a quarter-(26), Nearly a third (34), Around, just under, exactly, over a half, Nearly, just under, exactly, just over, well over three quarters2 %, 2 percentage, 2 per centA tiny portion, a very small proportion, A minority, an insignificant proportion. A small minority, a small portion, A large proportion. A significant majority, A significant proportion, A very large proportion


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