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Words for you Today: 9 July

5 words * 30 days = 150 words within one month.

If you can use just 10% of what you’ve learnt in this one month vocabulary journey,., you will be scored 8 for your lexical resource. Let’s get started…

Word of the day:-

Be free: To make or set free, liberate, deliver, release

Befreeing criminals just because of their high-touch can be another potential threat to a developing society like this.

Collocation of the day:-

Dream job: a job that would be perfect for you.

People do not get attached to a particular job for a long time unless it is their dream job.

Idiom of the day:-

Back to basics: An approach that uses traditional ideas that have previously worked.

Taking into account of the numerous new virus every year, it is better to return back to basics.

Phrasal Verb of the day:-

Zoom out: Focus less closely.

A world where people are busy earning more and more, environmental issues gets zoomed out, slowly.

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