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Writing Task 1: Mixed charts | The population in Australia according to different nationalities and areas.

Task 01: Mixed

The table and pie chart give information about the population in Australia according to different nationalities and areas.

Sample Answer :

The given pie chart illustrates the percentages of different nationalities that make up the Australian population, while the table gives information about whether they live in urban or rural areas.

In general, it is evident that the vast majority of Australia’s population is of Australian nationality. Furthermore, most people in this country, irrespective of their nationality, opt to live in cities.

The percentage of the Australian population that are of Australian nationality is 73%, whereas the figures for people of British or other nationalities are significantly lower, at 7% and 14% respectively. Meanwhile, 3% of the population come from New Zealand, while 2% are of Chinese nationality. 1% of Australia’s population comes from the Netherlands.

From the table it can be seen that 80% of Australians choose to reside in cities, along with 89% of the British and 90% of the New Zealanders. SImilarly, 99% of Chinese live in the city, as do 83% of the Dutch.

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