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For many, it takes months and even years to climb up by 0.5 band in your IELTS score. What number of books you suppose you’ll be studying, and web sites you’ll be monitoring for your preparation? 5, 6, 15, 50…..100. easy-ielts.com is an amalgamation of 200+ proven IELTS preparation books, decades of educating expertise, and 60+ common IELTS web sites mixed collectively to offer you one of the best that you simply deserve need for band 7 inside the shortest attainable span of time.

On the lookout for a band 7+ score? Let’s make it happen.

100+ Free Downloadable Books

Information Updates from 40+ IELTS Web sites

500+ Devoted Lessons


750+ Pattern Solutions

450+ Practice Materials

IELTS Listening Module


There are 4 elements:

  1. Social Dialog Dialogue
  2. Social Dialog Monologue
  3. Academic Setup Dialogue
  4. Academic Setup Monologue


Practice Samples

More than 75 genuine and actual listening preparation practice samples. Be at liberty to take and retake these tests by yourself, ensure that with each successive test you are eliminating your pitfall.

Solutions & Tapescripts

Packed with answers for every practice samples to check your score with calculator to transform these into IELTS band. Tapescripts are supplied for every listening test which can assist you to trace your errors.

IELTS Reading Module


That is the most visited web pages of easy-ielts, a group of concise yet complete lessons who struggle reading. They deal with growing your studying abilities easy way.

Practice Samples

With 200+ reading simulators you’ve got sufficient practice supplies to assist you throughout your road map to IELTS with timer to trace your time management.

Solutions Explained

Each practice pattern is adorned with a clickable hyperlink guiding you to it’s answer and explanation for every right answer.

IELTS Writing Module


Here you’ll be taught to analyze the writing questions, and explain what you need to. Most significantly, every lesson is filled with examples meeting a standard of 9.


Answer Samples

This part consists of more than 500 band 7+ essay, letters, and report samples submitted by web site users and divided by easy-ielts under various topic.


Drop Your Answer

After you have completed studying these writing lessons, you possibly can drop your answer right here, both in written(recommended) or in jpeg(photograph) format for marking.


IELTS Speaking Module


Speaking is all about how properly you can construct a narrative out of an examiner’s question. The content material has a bit of to do with your scoring, it is the way you structure the answer than the answer itself.

Practice Samples

These speaking samples are reference for you to have an idea of what a band 7+ answer can be like. The pre-made sentence structures and suggestions will assist you to to attain higher.

Drop Your Audio/Video

Drop your audio or video of speaking and we are going to score your work. It costs nothing to examine your level so that you can put an effort to succeed in your goal sharpening those fields where needed.

IELTS Vocabulary

Topic Specific

With millions of words in English, it’s by no means straightforward to attain good in IELTS when it comes to learning vocabulary. However, when IELTS is divided into topics and phrases are supplied accordingly, the cake is totally different.

Phrasal Verbs

This part has been designed for students who’re planning to attain above 7. It covers a number of the important phrasal verbs that you will want to use to show your vocabulary abilities to examiner.


The usage of collocations is an prompt proof of your command over Academic English, an instrument to impress examiners for your writing and speaking. We have now divided these collocations by topics for your ease to memorize them.

IELTS Grammar

Grammar for Task 1

This part covers the most typical and egregious errors student’s make. They are debunked in mini-lessons with guidelines that explain the everyday error, and methods to stop it.

Grammar for Task 2

Here You will be shown straightforward methods to boost your writing task 2 score utilizing the grammar variation method aided with speedy rules. Rules which are made simple and relevant.

Grammar for Speaking

You don’t want to turn into a strict grammarian to be able to converse properly in your test. A few dozen grammatical gifts account for almost all of your need. Simply what you need.

Free Books


We have now greater than 10 books on this part which are devoted to boost your listening abilities.


With 10+ world common IELTS e book written by IELTS examiners these books aim at intensifying your reading abilities.


Writing books are designed to enhance your coherence, cohesion and assist you to to write effectively and efficiently.


From question collection to sample solutions, these e book will assist you to to strengthen your confidence on speaking.


These are the should have books for those with poor English background. They goal to accentuate your information on academic grammar rules and styles.


These books are aimed to extend your vocabulary skills whereas writing and speaking. They try to cover many discipline from topic specific thesaurus to widespread idioms and phrasal verbs.

Across the internet

Stop leaping from web to web losing your productive IELTS time. If it is all about keeping yourself up to date then drop your mail right here, and we are going to inform you all of the updates from these web sites, weekly.

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  • ielts-up
  • ielts-exam
  • ielts-mentor
  • magoosh
  • tahasoniielts
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  • superigneous
  • ieltspodcast
  • ieltsband7
  • ieltsmaterials
  • ieltsjacky
  • ieltsfever
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  • ielts.org
  • ieltsspeakingsuccess
  • ieltsnetwork
  • ielts-blog
  • ieltscanadatest
  • ieltsgame


Regular Blog Updates

Recent IELTS Test Questions and Topics Worldwide – February to October 2020

Welcome to our new latest IELTS exam questions page! Here you will find the most recent IELTS questions that test takers remembered and shared, updated daily in real time. Test questions are organised by country of origin, with countries in alphabetical order. Identical questions that appeared in two or more countries on the same day…

Be or Not to Be

Many languages use the verb ‘have’ to express age. In English we use the auxiliary verb ‘be’. ✘ I have 32✔ I am 32. We don’t say: ‘I am 32 years’.We say: ‘I’m 32’ or ‘I am 32 years old’. ✘ I have cold.✔ I am cold.I am cold = I feel cold ✘ I…

Band 9: How Dangerous Waste Products are Dealt with in Three Countries

The answer, Dangerous Waste Products are Dealt with in Three Countries, is submitted by Nanci and has been scored 9.0. » You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.The pie charts below show how dangerous waste products are dealt with in three countries.Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and makecomparisons where…

Band 9: Number of university graduates in Canada

This is among the task submitted by my student Shishir that meets a standard of band 9. The essay is ideal in every means; however, I’ve mixed the order of the paragraph for you to make it extra engaging. Are you able to rearrange it to a band score of 9? » You should spend 20 minutes on…

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